Welcome to the DentCentive Rewards Program.

DentCentive Rewards is an exciting, new incentive program designed to help drive Vehicle Protection Program sales. We listened to what dealerships from around the country told us, so we’re here to provide you with a truly profitable, personal incentive.

Maximize your dealership’s profits and motivate your sales force. Email us now and we’ll get you started.
Set up your individual account now and you’ll begin collecting the cash rewards you earn right away.

It Really is Simple: The More You Sell, the More You Cash-In!

Keep track of your DentCentive Cash Rewards and easily report your contract sales with a couple of clicks from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Each month you report new sales, your cash rewards will be automatically loaded onto your own bank card that we provide.

  • Earn cash for every contract sale!
  • Monthly cash payouts!
  • No limits on cash rewards!
  • Conveniently use like a debit card!
  • Your cash rewards never expire!

Earn Unlimited Cash Rewards for Your Effort and Talent!

There are no points to collect and no random, useless prizes to gather dust. The DentCentive Rewards program allows dealership personnel to earn unlimited cash rewards for sales of our Vehicle Protection Programs.
Need Support? Just email info@dentcentive.com or call 214.393.2211.
Check Your Rewards Card Balance by clicking here and logging in with your DentCentive program credentials.